Office 365 Implementation in Institutions, in Authorities and in Organizations

Implementing and applying the correct business infrastructure in organizations, from MICROSOFT

הטמעת office 365 בענן

Microsoft Office 365 is the world’s leading cloud platform for businesses with an unprecedented growth rate of hundreds of percentages per year. 25% of Fortune 500 companies have already switched to Office 365. Likewise, 60% of financial companies and 70% of industrial companies in the United States have also switched.

Top-Edu has set up a cloud management system in several organizations (including in the Ministry of Education) nationwide. The company specializes in setting up cloud infrastructures for institutions and for organizations, while customizing according to customer needs and providing ongoing technical support.

Until recently, organizational computing systems were installed and operated locally, thus significantly increasing the organizations budget and technological manpower. The backup process, data security, infrastructure and data maintenance and even a simple process such as opening an Email account and authorizations for a new employee were accompanied by high maintenance costs and required a skilled work force around the clock. The Office 365 infrastructure allows you to concentrate on system and data management with no concern and without overload, all while reducing the server maintenance costs.

The data security and the servers offered by Microsoft Office 365 infrastructure are among the best and most advanced in the world (have never been hacked in Microsoft’s history) and are given exclusively on this platform.

The Office 365 infrastructures and interface enable the common office tools (excel, word, power point, outlook) as well as a client management system (dynamic CRM), office space management interface (teams), an organizational collaboration server (SharePoint), a project management interface (planner) and more.

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